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Last weekend a couple of us were invited to the D6 Gaming club invitational tournament The Gentleman Generals and since we had a great time at the first one we […]

Last weekend a couple of us were invited to the D6 Gaming club invitational tournament The Gentleman Generals and since we had a great time at the first one we jumped at the chance to attend again.

The tournament format was 3 rounds with custom missions to promote big VP games in order to separate out the pack.  This was to be an 1850 point tournament with the only restrictions on the lists being that you could only have 1 combined arms detachment (CAD) + a second detachment which is not a CAD, furthermore only 1 forge world unit or single model was allowed. Essentially this meant you could take 1 CAD + allies, 1 CAD + a formation etc. Lords of war were allowed and on the day I think I managed to spot at least 6 kicking around in their various forms. After much debate I decided to take a pure Necron list:

Overlord, sempiternal weave, warscythe, mindshackle scarabsD6Gaming
Overlord, sempiternal weave, warscythe, mindshackle scarabs
Royal court 1, Harbinger of despair, harbinger of the destruction with a solar pulse, 3 x harbinger of the storm
Royal court 2, Harbinger of despair, harbinger of the destruction with a solar pulse, 3 x harbinger of the storm
6 Deathmarks in a nightscythe
5 warriors in a nightscythe
3 x 7 warriors in ghost ark
3 x annihilation barges.

The general set up of this list was to have 2 ghost arks with 2 haywire each, 2 haywire in the flyer with the other warriors, despair crypteks in with the deathmarks for the ap 1 flaming goodness and the harbingers of destruction being in the last ghost ark giving me a slightly longer range fire support and using the solar pulses to give all of these a 3+ jink due to 2 turns of night fight. List in hand I picked up Dave around 8am and we set off for the 2 hour drive to Layland and Farington social club where the event was taking place.

Game 1:
The mission for this was called Escalation and it essentially came down to kill points with a slight twist. Every unit that was destroyed completely gave up VP’s equal to the turn number on which it was destroyed. So as an example if a wave serpent was destroyed on turn 1 it would yield 1 VP, if the same wave serpent was destroyed on turn 4 it would give up 4 VP’s. This was a very interesting mission as it meant you have to decide between eliminating a threat early on and getting less points or waiting a few more turns in order to gain more VP’s but risk losing more stuff yourself.

The first round draw had gone up on facebook a few days before and so I know my opponent was Jack who was also running Necrons. As is usual with this type of social tournament there was the typical banter flying around and I knew that Jack was taking a transcendent C’tan and was quoted as saying he was going to “give me the roughest pounding I’ve ever seen” and other encouraging comments. Having played using the C’tan myself I knew how deadly this was going to be but also knew that it was going to be an all or nothing type of game. If I could take out the C’tan early enough Jack wouldn’t have enough left to put up much of a fight so the question was, how much would I have left after I had dealt with the C’tan?

The rest of Jacks list included a Doomsday Ark, Triarch Stalker with heat ray, a single annihilation barge, 5 warriors with a haywire cryptek in a nightscythe, 5 warriors in nightscythe and an overlord with 2+,3++, mindshackle and warscythe. The C’tan itself had the destroyer hellstorm, large blast stomps and the 6d6 missiles. We rolled for sides and deployment with me taking the first turn and both of our warlord traits ended up being the -1 to the opponents reserves. Deploying first using the dawn of war set up I spread out as much as possible to avoid the hellstorm hitting multiple units and trying to anticipate where his C’tan would be going I placed 2 annihlation barges in the center and one over to my left where there was most cover on his side of the table. Jack deployed his C’tan in the middle and I had anticipated he also placed the doomsday cannon and stalker on my left in cover opposite my annihilation barge. His only other unit on the table was his annihilation barge on my right.

Turn 1
I moved all 3 annihilation barges forward to just within 24″ range of the C’tan and shuffled the ghost arks forward as much as possible. On my left the ghost ark with one of the overlords and haywire crypteks moved towards the stalker with the reasoning that if I lost the ghost ark the haywire should be in range the following turn to take down the stalker. My ghost arks and warriors took a few pot shots at the stalker and the annihilation barge but only managed to take a single hull point off the annihilation barge but succeeded in making it jink so the return fire would be slightly less. The 2 lances and all 3 annihilation barges unloaded into the C’tan and only managed to put a single wound on it leaving 5 remaining.

In Jacks turn I popped one of the solar pulses to give myself a 3+ jink and the C’tan moved forward heading towards the left center of the table while the stalker and annihilation barge moved forward to get into range. In the shooting phase the stalker managed to hit my lead ghost ark but failed to do any damage. The doomsday cannon opened up on the second ghost ark but scattered wildly and hit nothing. The C’tan then opened up with the hellstorm D weapon onto the same ghost ark and managed to roll a 1 for the damage meaning it was safe for now. The hellstorm did manage to kill 4 of the necron warriors inside the ghost ark 1 of which reanimated. Next came the missle barrage into the same ghost ark with a mighty 26 shots, twin linked due to the stalker needing 5’s to glance and 6’s to pen. Miraculously he only managed to get 3 pens and 2 glances but with the help of night fight giving me 3+ jink only a single glancing hit got through. His annihilation barge moved up slightly and took a few pot shots at the lance toting ghost ark but failed to do any damage. Frustrated with the lack of overall damage the C’tan declared a charge on the lead ghost ark but being 9″ away failed to get there. With a huge sigh of relief on my part I started my second turn knowing I had been extremely lucky.

Turn 2IMG_6137
Despite having -1 to my reserves both my nightsythes came on and I knew I had to do some huge damage this turn in order to stop the C’tan running through my entire army. Measuring carefully I found that where the doomsday cannon was positioned my nightscythe could come on, deposit the haywire crypteks just in range and hopefully get me first blood. The deathmarks did the same dropping in at 7″ away from the C’tan (out of tesla ark range!) but able to hit with the flamers. My annihilation barges moved back and spread out keeping the C’tan in range and trying to minimize the threat of the hellstorm next turn hitting multiple units. The lucky ghost ark on the left moved forward towards the stalker to get the haywire in range and the overlord disembarked just in front of the C’tan ready for a charge. On the right the other lord disembarked and moved towards the C’tan while the barge itself moved towards the lone annihilation barge on the right. The plan was to charge him with both lords and hope mindshackle would be enough to keep him entertained for as long as possible. The deathmarks unloaded into the C’tan with both ap1 flamers and 12 rapid fire shots wounding on 2’s and although they didn’t get a single rend they still managed to take 4 wounds off him leaving him on 1 remaining. I now had 3 annihilation barges and a flyer needing to take off a single wound to get rid of it completely but remembering that the C’tan exploded when killed I decided to fire the other things first so as to not waste them. The haywire crpteks from the flyer opened up on the dooms day cannon which decided to jink and managed to get a penetrating hit and 2 glances, the pen turned out to be crew stunned but since it had now lost its shield the flyer itself opened up and stripped it of its last hull point. This gave me first blood and 2 points for destroying something in turn 2. The lucky ghost ark from turn 1 opened up on the stalker and ripped it to pieces with the haywire leaving only the C’tan on the left and a slightly damaged annihilation barge on the right to deal with. The second flyer opened up on the C’tan as did 2 of the annihilation barges but he held on, passing saves or feel no pain like a boss. The final annihilation barge put 3 wounds onto him and BOOOOM, he was dead giving me another 2 VP’s. The resulting explosion managed a whopping 17″ and managed to completely destroy the now not so lucky ghost ark, 5 deathmarks and crypteks that were with them, both lords, one of the annihilation barges and destroy the guns on one side of the ghost ark to the right. I’d managed to gain 6 vp’s for destroying 3 units on turn 2 but I’d also given my opponent 8 points in return during the explosion. A fair trade off from my point of view.

Jacks turn he managed to fail both of his reserve rolls thanks to the -1 warlord trait and was left a single annihilation barge left on 2 hull points to deal with everything I had left.  I popped the second solar pulse giving me nightfight again and the annihilation barge took another hull point of the shield-less ghost ark. With little else to do it was onto turn 3.

Turn 3.
Everything moved up towards the last annihilation barge and a warrior unit running to gain line breaker I ended up with 2 haywire krypteks, 2 lances, 12 tesla and around 35 gauss shots to take of 2 remaining hull points. With it being the only thing left on the board and the failed reserve rolls the game ended with me gaining a victory of 29 total points (15 for those still in reserve counting as destroyed and giving 3 points each) to 8 and putting me on my first win of the event.


Game 2:
The second game was “Push Forward!” which used the hammer and anvil deployment and had 3 objectives across the centre line each of them 12″ apart. The twist with this mission was that you scored 3 vps at the end of your turn for each objective you held rather than just grabbing them at the end of the game. My opponent was Kieron who I have played before at another tournament where I had managed to tie up the 888 point Angrath for 10 rounds of combat with 2 lord with Mindshackle scarabs. For this event however he was running a Lord of Skulls, 2 units of cultists riding around in land raiders and Kharn who was all by himself in the 3rd landraider.

Taking the first turn I deployed everything as far forward as I could with a ghost ark and annihilation barge going for one of the objectives each. Kieron himself deployed as far back as he could and castled up as much as possible in order to avoid the multiple haywire shots I had coming towards him.

Turn 1.
All of my vehicles moved up 12 inch and grabbed all 3 objectives. A few pot shots from the gauss managed to strip a hull point of a landraider and that was about it. 3 objectives worth 9 VP’s for the end of my turn and it was over to the chaos.

Kieron pushed his lord of skulls up the right side of the table as far as it could go and held the land raiders back. In the shooting phase one landraider and the lord of skulls took down an annihilation barge on my right but with nightfight in effect and the 3+ jink nothing else was damaged.

Turn 2.40k - lord of skulls
Both flyers came on and moved on 24″ ready to deploy their payload next turn. With no other real viable targets the deathmarks picked Kharn as their marked for death unit simply because it would be funny. The ghost arks moved up and the annihilation barges positioned themselves so that everything could go into the lord of skulls and try to take it down. The shooting phase opened up with the haywire crypteks and the warriors taking a mighty 7 hull points off the lord of skulls who seemed unable to pass a single 5+ invulnerable save. The remaining 2 hull points were quickly stripped off by the annihilation barges and put an end to the threat on my right flank. One of the ghost arks managed to strip off another hull point from one of the land raiders and my turn ended with me gaining another 9 vps for the 3 objectives.

Kieron remained stationary and fired everything he had into annihilation barges and ghost arks in front of him, all of which either failed to damage or were jinked successfully thanks to the solar pulse.

Turn 3
Both flyers moved up the right side but were still unable to drop off their troops in a good position so held on to them for another turn. The ghost arks moved forward towards the land raiders remaining but still couldn’t quite get the haywire into range to take them down. One of the annihilation barges on the right went forward 12″ to get a better position ready for next turn when the haywire would be in range. I also grabbed all 3 objectives again putting me on a comfortable 27 VP’s so far.

Kieoron decided he wasn’t going to down without Kharn killing something so he moved his lone land raider forward and he charge out towards the barge on the right. Shooting again was limited by the 3+ jink due to the last solar pulse being used and in an epic display of bloody minded rage Kharn charged the annihilation barge, scored 7 penetrating hits and dusted off the exploded barge from his armour.

Turn 4
Now with everything in range it was time to push forward with the deathmarks dropping out of the flyer next to kharn, the haywire crypteks from the flyer deploying behind the land raiders and the ghost arks moving up and deploying their troops to get the haywire in range. In the shooting phase Kharn was taken down by the deathmarks while the haywire, warriors, flyers and the last remaining barge managed to take down all 3 land raiders, one of the cultist squads and the majority of the last squad leaving only 6 cultists on the table.

Kieorn moved his cultists around the wrecked land raider, fired into the warrior squad which had dropped out of the flyer and attempted a 4 inch charge. Unfortunately the warrior squad took out 3 of them in overwatch leaving them a much higher charge range needed which they failed.

Turn 5
With only 3 cultists left they were mopped up quickly and the game ended with me gaining linebreaker, warlord and 27 VP’s for a total of 29 to Kieorn’s 1 for first blood. this put me on table 2 going into the final round with only 4 of us being on 2 wins and my last opponent was Dave Ellis, who I had driven down to the event with. This final game I will put into a separate post as it was very tactical game with lots going on. Dave and myself play each other a lot and both know how each others armies, and indeed how the person controlling the army plays. I managed to get a win out of this game with a final score of 20-1.

At the end of the tournament I was on 3 wins but had no clue how I had done on VP’s which would decide the winner between myself and Will who was the only other player on 3 wins. I know I hadn’t gained a lot of VP’s from the mission as I was going more for the wins than VP’s which resulted in me coming in second place and was given a £30 games workshop voucher for my efforts.

Overall this was a fantastic tournament that was run perfectly. The banter was there which is the one thing I always love about tournaments and not a single person had a bad thing to say about it, even counting in the lords of war which were running rampant around the venue. The missions were different and were not released until after the lists were submitted which forced people into bringing a balanced list not knowing if you would be playing kill points, objectives or something completely different as was the case. I would certainly attended the next one the guys at D6 arrange and look forward to meeting up with them again at the next Outpost tournament.

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