GT Heat 2 – Part 1

Well it’s time for my foray into this year’s GT season. I’d missed my local heat at the Eye Of The Storm due to work commitments so a road trip […]

Well it’s time for my foray into this year’s GT season. I’d missed my local heat at the Eye Of The Storm due to work commitments so a road trip to Brighton it is. I’d hoped that I would have gotten my Pre- Heresy Emperor’s Children pretending to be Space Wolves army finished but alas time ran away with itself and it was nowhere near ready. So I rang up a friend and that night, before we set off and picked up some IG to do an IG/Wolves Allies List.

The list that I took was

Primary Detachment  – Imperial Guard

HQ1: Company Command Squad, 4 x Melta Gun
HQ1 TRANSPORT: Chimera , Heavy Flamer

TROOP1: Infantry Platoon
TROOP1: Platoon Command Squad , Flamer
TROOP1: Infantry Squad , Lascanon Team
TROOP1: Infantry Squad , Lascanon Team

TROOP2: Infantry Platoon
TROOP2: Platoon Command Squad , Flamer
TROOP2: Infantry Squad , Lascanon Team
TROOP2: Infantry Squad , Lascanon Team

FAST1: Vendetta Gun Ship,  Heavy Bolter Sponsons

HEAVY1: Manticore

HEAVY2: Manticore

HEAVY3: 3 x Hydra Platform

FORTIFICATION: Aegis Defence Line , Quad Gun

Allied Detachment  – Space Wolves

HQ1a: Rune Priest , Jaws of the World Wolf , Living Lightning

HQ1b: Rune Priest , Jaws of the World Wolf , Murderous Hurricane , Melta Bombs

TROOP1: 10 x Grey Hunters , Wolf Standard ,2 x  Plasma Gun, Power Axe

FAST1: 4 x Hyperios Missile Launchers

HEAVY1: 5 x Long Fangs, 4 x Missile Launcher

Total = 1850


So now I’ll give you a rundown of my first game!

Game 1 – James French – Orks & Necrons, Hammer & Anvil/The Emperors Will

Game 1, my first ever game with my Army, and in fact the Codex. When I saw James’s army list I was a little apprehensive as it wasn’t a “meta list” that we’d talking about during the drive down to Brighton. Briefly from Orks he had 2 Warbosses, some Mega Armoured Nobz in a truck, lots and lots of Boyz and finally 2 Dakka Jets. The Necron portion of his army was a Lord on Barge, Annihilation Barge, Warriors in a Night Sythe and some Wraith’s.

We both had 2 objectives each to place, which we tucked away in our deployment zone’s with my plan to get the win on  secondary VP’s

I had first turn so setup pretty much everything behind my Aegis Defence line. There was no Night Fight in play turn 1 so James setup his Annihilation Barge and Mega Nob’z in Turk behind a bastion out of line of site, and then the Boyz and Wraiths were as far forward as possible. This really showed his in experience when playing guard, as would become apparent turn 1.

So Prescience went up on both Manticore’s, the first one got 2 shots and killed the hiding Annihilation Barge getting me first blood,  aswell as taking 2 hull points and stopping the Megga Truckk moving that turn. The second Manticore crippled the Wraith’s with only 2 remaining, who were then finished off by Missile Launcher fire from both the Long Fangs and Hyperios Platforms. The both blobs and the Hydra Platforms brung it down on the Necron Lords Barge and left him out in the open. The Grey Hunters moved up to perhaps attempt a daring raid on James’s back field later on in the game.

After what was a pretty devastating first turn I sensed James was reeling a bit and scratching his head to what to do. The Horde advanced and with no shooting of his in range that was that. As the turns whittled on it was a case of tidying up, The Manticore’s thinned out the 20 man squads of Ork’s and whatever then go close enough was finished off by Lasgun fire. The pesky Necron Lord had to re-roll successful cover saves and without a 3++ went down to the CCS’s Meltaguns and Grey Hunter Plasma fire. The Mega Nobz chose not to venture out there hiding spot after the Trukk of the was finished off by my outflanking Vendetta. And I managed to Manticore snipe his warlord out of a squad of Boyz. The Dakka Jets got Intercepted when they came in, or finished off the turn after that that was all she wrote.  A solid 8 – 6 Win to start the day off. And I was pretty chuffed I remembered everything with this new Army comprising of both Psychic powers and order to get off and think about.

That’s it for today, more to follow soon.

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