Road To The GT – Part 2

Yesterday we looked at how my list had changed since Caledonian, not we’ll look at a couple of games I’ve had against 2 club members who will also be attending the GT.

Yesterday we looked at how my list had changed since Caledonian, not we’ll look at a couple of games I’ve had against 2 club members who will also be attending the GT.

Game 1 – Scoffer, Necrons

Mission: Kill Points, Deployment: Spearhead

I’m glad that kill points has come up in a test game because now I’ve moved to more Razorbacks there are a lot more easy kill points up for grabs for my opponent. Scoffer uses a fairly common Necron list; 2 Barge Lords, 2 lots of Warriors in Ghost Arc’s with 4 Crypteks with the S8 AP2 thingy and 2 solar pulses split across them,  2 units of Scarabs, 3 Annihilation Barges, and a squad of Immortals with teleporting Cryptec.

I was fairly confident that if I could deal with the lords on Barges early on in the game I would have a good shot at playing defensively from there on it. It didn’t start great with Scoffer stealing the initiative after I got first turn. This mean my suicide scout bikers where toast after a salvo from an Annihilation Barge, both his Lords turbo’d across the battlefield, scarabs moved into a position which would limit my Landraider’s movement. I lost a razorback to Cryptec fire and that was that. Scoffer made a mistake here moving 1 of his Bargelords too close, I went balls to the wall and shoved the Landraider forward 12”, bailed out the Termies who supported by Mephiston, and some Pred fire dropped the barge and gobbled up the Lord who bailed out. The game was they tit for tat each of us taking a kill point or two for the next few turns. When he was out of solar pulses I began to pull ahead as his Lords hadn’t managed to ravage my back field. So for turn 4, 5 and 6 the Preds where dropping transports all over with Mephiston cleaning up the contents I ended up pulling the win by 3 or 4 kill points in the end. If the game had ended on turn 5 the score would have been a lot closer.

Game 2: Paul Kirk

Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives) Deployment: Spearhead

Paul uses Gehy Knights, but not your usual list. Death Cult’s with a Grandmaster in a Landraider, Some Purifiers with psycannons, a big squad with 10 Terminators tooled up with Coteaz, a Tech Priest and a couple of Rifleman Dreads. Paul is a good player and our games often go down the wire, oh and he’s a twat (I love you really :P). I got first turn and unloaded on his Purifiers, 2 where left standing from the pile of dusts, terminators moved up to hold my mid field with Mephiston behind and the 2 Flamerback squads. The scout bikers bounced of Pauls Landraider, they penetrated with the combi-melta but only managed a weapon destroyed and I gladly removed it of its multi-melta. I charged in but thanks to Sanctuary my Sargent with his melta-bombs promptly failed the dangerous terrain check and resulted in me not being able to do any further damage this turn. Even though this did little it kept those nasty assassins back a turn as he had to deal with a squad in his back field, and for this I was grateful. Pauls return fire checked a Pred, and immobilised and checked my LasPlasback, not great as it wasn’t sitting on an objective at the time. He moved his Terminators up to mid field but they couldn’t dent the Landraider with their psycannons. My main mistake this game was to be too gung-ho with my Terminators I chucked them in his termies on the 2nd turn, not expecting them to win the game but I was hoping to take 2 or 3 down with me. Alas Paul was rolling 4+ invul saves like a daemon and passed all six I forced him to make over 2 turns of combat…. the bastard. Following this is was a very cat and mouse game of movement; I had some excellent shooting in the last few turns which took his terminator off the central objective and the game ended up a Draw with 2 objectives held each at the end of Turn 6.



In summary I’m still learning how to play with the MSU style and a bit like many things in life I think the key is to not blow you wad too early. Holding back and waiting for the right time to slap it out is key. I got it right against Scoffer but wrong against Paul, I still think I played well to pull out the draw in the second game as at several points the outlook was bleak.

Oh and i’ve finished all my painting now too!!

But still onto the next set of games…

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